Her Least Favorite Word

I have this friend who has a problem.  It’s not a life-threatening one for her but it does disturb my sleep as I have dreams about her slapping my face because of it. 

All because of the word penetrate

I actually think it’s quite a nice word.  You can penetrate through defenses and seize the castle.  You can penetrate into the deepest levels of the CIA.  You can have penetrating glances and penetrating thoughts.  Fog lights penetrate the mist.  But hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself.  And encroaching on “slapping my face” territory. 

One time when we were playing a rowdy game of Pictionary, she admitted her problem.  We all took it in stride except for one individual (for once, not me!) who went and told all the guys.  Actually, I exaggerate.  I think she told one guy.  But if you know Lucas, you know that telling him means telling everyone.  That night at Katalyst was excruciatingly painful (for her – because the word was used a lot.  For me – because she blamed me unfairly.)

Things calmed down a bit after that.

Months passed and suddenly we were at the Brighton Conference and boy, was my friend excited!  We all have our “favorite preachers” and hers was about to speak to the gathered masses.  She could barely contain her excitement.  Just so you know, this is a fairly common thing among Jublies (aka, members of Jubilee Church Worthing.  Thanks to Debbie for coining that new word).  We get excited about silly things.  I mean, at Newday when my favorite preacher spoke about 9 times in a row, I had a permanent grin on my face (wiped off, I might add when Joe forced me to attend the Muslim seminar and I missed lunch). 

Anyway, so there we were. Sitting in the rows waiting for the preacher to begin.  And was it a grand beginning!  He said “Today I will be speaking under the heading of Penetrating Leadership.”  The turmoil on my friend’s face was evident.  Her favorite person…speaking on her least favorite word.  I think that was the moment when her preconceived notions about life being fair and worth living were shattered. 

Of course, being me, I made the whole ordeal worse by keeping a list of how many times he used the word in his talk.  And then letting my friend know all about it for the next few weeks.  In fact, she reads this blog so I guess I’m still reminding her of it.  Maybe that’s why I sleep in fear of being slapped.

All this to say…Happy Birthday tomorrow Maddie!  I like dreaming about you even if you’re bullying me in them…and I wish I could be there for the celebrations.  Think of this as a long-winded pre-birthday card.


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