The Antidote to OverWork

8 Apr

The past two weeks have been dominated by work – a year long project ending overlapping with my replacement for my other job leaving – and me, straddling both, each requiring more hours than I have in a day.

There has been less running, reading, relaxing and a vain attempt to include decent amounts of sleep, sustenance and sanity breaks.  But yesterday, after a thorough cleaning of my apartment, I worked to put last week’s 80 hours behind me and concentrate on the everyday good.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 7.31.02 AM

Liz’s List of Every Day Good

  1. Split Pea Ham soup bubbling in the crockpot
  2. Curling up with a book and no time pressure
  3. Last dregs of hummus on a pretzel
  4. Bird song
  5. Chatting over hot drinks with friends
  6. Crossfit classes making muscles taut
  7. Mailing fun surprise packages to friends
  8. Unexpected heart-warming text
  9. An organized and labeled office, resplendent with windows
  10. Fun plans with friends
  11. Warm showers on tired muscles
  12. Speed of bike on smooth road
  13. Ability to forget to do lists and work when in pigeon pose
  14. Sun filtering through blinds
  15. Surprise mail in my shiny little box
  16. New book smell
  17. Ripe bananas and crisp apples
  18. Nearly empty gym at noon and noodley arms after pull-ups
  19. Clean white T-shirts
  20. Beans growing fat as they soak
  21. Evening runs as the sun sets
  22. Parents training for a 5K
  23. New recipes to try
  24. Days lengthening
  25. Feeling a kid again with jumprope in hand




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