The Three Month Anniversary

10 Oct


Today is my three month anniversary.

Of being school-free.

There’s still no diploma (but I have reasons to think that its in the mail…)

I did a lot of celebrating.

Ran a Corporate Challenge race the following day in matching shirts (gah!)

Got pedicures with my friend who stays over every Tuesday night. It ended up being quite an unexpected adventure but certainly worth it.

I went to Craigie on Main with 3 friends (2 of whom left my company and I miss them) and ate the world’s best burger and listened to one of my friends tell the amazingly sweet story of how he met his wife. It involves Walden Pond, one of my favorite places, and now I finally realize why he loves Walden Pond so much too.

I went on a bike ride with my friend that involved climbing the tallest of the Blue Hills. I surprised myself by surviving. Then we attempted to swim across a lake but got stopped by a teenaged lifeguard who said we had to stay within the “safe” roped area. The roped area was about 3 feet by 5 feet and full of children in wet soggy diapers.  Then we walked to the bathrooms but apparently they were still under construction and it was our fault that a truck driver had moved the orange cones and not put them back…we got chased away and sent to the outhouses. Eventually, I ended up lying in the grass laughing at our bad luck.

And I went on vacation with most of my family to Disney. And Universal Studios. We invented pool games that require only one arm so that you can hold a beer in the other one. We played card games until the wee hours of the morning and still managed to get to Disney the next morning when the park opened. We ate (a lot) and laughed (a lot) and I even read some books for fun.  The reality of having no homework began to sink in.

I managed to finally attend a softball game, play with  my friend’s puppy, and bake cookies for the team. Having time to do fun things in the middle of the workweek still feels indulgent.

And that was just half the month of July.

In August, I…

proved that I am the worst dart player known to man at Flattop Johnnys. Although I make occasionally brilliant (but very un-expected) moves.

Rejoiced with my friends when they moved into their brand new house.

Had a graduation party in New Hampshire surrounded by friends and a watermelon shark.

Took a friend to a disastrous birthday dinner at Towne.

Ran the Providence Half Marathon. Fell in love with that city. Also fell down and needed stitches.

  • Had some great friends visit from New Hampshire with their 4 kids. Got to show off my apartment and have a wonderful end of summer picnic at Castle Island complete with a trip to Fort Independence.

    Had an amazing pool day/dinner at the marina/bar games until closing. It feels good to finally have time to send with people I’ve wanted to be friends with but haven’t had the time to invest in because of classes.

    And I didn’t begrudge August turning into September, not only because the fall is my favorite season, but for once, I felt like I had a full summer.  And that includes the months when I was still in school when I managed to run some races, have a delightful weekend in NYC and spend a weekend sailing in Vermont.  Life doesn’t happen after school, life happens all around it.

    September was a bit of a crazy race month.

    Weekend #1 was spent running the Applecrest Marathon. Which was a tad hillier than expected but was a wonderful course and I got to share it with a person I love (my Mom, as spectator) and a person who always pushes me to do my best (a friend who ran it a lot faster than me and placed 3rd in his division!)


Weekend #2, d I did a lot of biking. And paddle-boarding with some awesome girls!  And then attended the opening of the Athleta store on Newbury Street and also Newbury Street’s Fashion Night Out. Which turned into…drinking IPAs in a hat store…champagne in the Uggs store…some bar hopping…even late night pizza.

I had a sports nutrition appointment which is helping me finally understand that I eat the right things…just not at the right times…and watched the Red Sox crumble to the Yankees in one of many crumbling games this year.

Weekend #3, I ran Reach the Beach with the greatest team. And then, on 7 hours of sleep over 3 days, I helped host a baby shower. Which was awesome. And then we played dominos and ate Thai food. Exciting stuff. We even hummed the “Price is Right” theme song which just proves how exciting our Sunday nights can be.

Then I recovered with a girly movie night. Which was good because Weekend #4, I managed a long run with my good friend (we spent all last fall doing long runs together and we used to sit next to each other in offices, I realized just how much I miss her during this long run) AND a 50 mile bike ride. And it wasn’t just any bike ride. It was gorgeous and I wanted to do it all over again but I couldn’t…since I needed food…and to hang out with some friends visiting from England.

The new Mumford & Sons album came out. I watched the Knuckleball documentary with my former babysitter, turned good friend, and we laughed the whole time.

Weekend #5, I ran the Smuttynose Half Marathon with my brother-in-law. And that wasn’t our only accomplishment as we also put together a 1000 piece puzzle in 2 1/2 hours. We may have timed ourselves because we are competitive people. And we ate pizza twice. And watched football. And Hotel Transylvania. And I learned that if you ever take your hot shower for granted, go run a rainy half marathon on the ocean.You’re welcome.

And now it is October. And I thought “now it is time to stop having fun and celebrating my freedom and get back to boring normal life” EXCEPT

that I realized there is no such thing

this is my real life

I get to celebrate two 40th birthday parties for coworkers/former classmates. I got to chill out at Lord Hobo with friends and then “play” at the gym, showing my friend how to use the rowing machine and practicing our yoga wheels and generally just having fun. I got to run the BAA Half Marathon with an old friend and a new friend. I got to attend hot yoga with a friend and try not to laugh when the instructor said something yoga-y and my friend snorted because it really didn’t make sense. This whole “breathe into the bottom of your right pinky toe” or whatever makes no sense to me.

I get to celebrate my sister’s birthday, attend a very important (to me) concert at the House of Blues, celebrate a huge milestone on my work project, attend a classmate’s farewell dinner, run another half marathon and see one of my best friend’s become a mother this month. And that’s just the stuff I know about.

I have been school free for three months.

I’ve even thought about more school.

Then I realized I was crazy.

Or maybe not.

The funny thing is…I had fun while I was in school, too.  Lots of fun. Maybe not so much during the week. I certainly didn’t close down any bars or race every weekend or sit around doing absolutely nothing for an hour and I never had enough time to say “Yes” to every invitation I had. But life was good.

And life is still good.*

Happy 3 months to me.

*Even when your bike is stolen and you have work deadlines and it rains a lot and your foot hurts when you walk but not when you run and you have to endure long Trader Joes lines and you get asked to put in extra hours at work and the Red Sox lose and the Phillies lose and the Eagles lose to the Steelers and there is no hockey season and your bathroom faucet drips even after the maintenance guys come and you learn how to fix your own smoke detectors because they beep all night long and you kinda go mad and there are more fire alarms, notably one the night after Reach the Beach when you haven’t slept for 48 hours, and sometimes you are lonely and sometimes you are tired and often you have low blood sugar and you have too many meetings at work and not enough time to keep up with the magazines and mail that arrives and weird people at the gym steal your equipment or literally take things from you as you are using them or yell at you when you are biking or running, and the trash is perpetually full and the dishwasher always needs to be emptied and both of these tasks are your job. Always your job.  Even then, life is good.





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