Staying Full of Air

15 Jul

The worst feeling is checking something off your to do list only to have to put it back on your to do list moments later.

It happened again yesterday.

My commuter bike’s back tire refused to stay full of air. The options were: I don’t know how to use a bike pump, my bike pump does not work, my tube is punctured. After a very frustrating week of commuting on a mostly soft tire, I brought it to the bike shop where they replaced my tube and pumped up both my tires and did some other maintenance all for the sweet amount of $17. They threw in some sarcasm and stories for free.

I checked it off my to do list (yay!) and headed to a friend’s house to relax. The 3 mile bike ride there was gorgeous and I was enjoying the feelings of – being done with my MBA, having attacked my to do list, having relaxed with a book – when suddenly, I heard a very large hissing noise and my back tire went flat. Again.

My initial thought was to be annoyed.  To let my day be ruined. But…it’s just a bike.  Just a bike tire (or tube). So I locked up my bike, put “fix commuter bike” back on my to do list and got on with my day.

A few hours later, the feelings surfaced again.  Along the lines of “I just spent three years studying and skipping fun activities in order to attend class and NOW I have to deal with this.”  As if I deserve a free pass for all the hard work I just endured.

But…it’s just a bike. So today, after attending church and a long and very hot run, I brought my bike back to the bike shop. And they found the puncture on my tube caused by  my old rim tape. So I got brand new rim tape ($6) and a new tube ($0) and more sarcasm and stories ($0).  Local bike shops are the best. Almost like I imagine the local barber shop was a few decades ago.

It took a grand total of 5 minutes. My to do list is once again empty. And it’s just a bike.  Something I could have spent a lot of time stressing about but chose not to.

Another baby step towards letting go of stress, learning to relax, and hoping that sleep follows. And high hopes that my bike tire stays full of air for an entire week of commuting.


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