The Fault in My Stars: Balance

23 May

(To borrow a line from a book that borrowed it from Shakespeare…)

The fault in my stars is that I think I can accomplish too much.  And that I sometimes think rest and relaxation are for the weak.  And that a To Do List must be completed.

For two weekends in the very near past, I did next to nothing thanks to a combination of strep throat/ear infection and pneumonia. I highly advise against this combination – it was brutal. The first weekend, I had a To Do List.  But when it took me 4 hours to write up a shopping list and then another 3 hours before I felt like walking a block to the store, I gave up.  The To Do List ended up in the trash.  The following weekend, still sick and exhausted from a new job and transition, I didn’t even make a list.

Sometimes To Do Lists are just suggestions of things that would be really nice and convenient to get done.  The world will not end if the floor doesn’t get swept and a birthday card gets mailed late.

And rest and relaxation are for everyone.  No one is superhuman enough to not need down time. But when people like me who are over-peopled at work and at school and at the gym continue on a path of not allowing for downtime, we end up pretty frustrated.  It’s not pleasant.  And it’s not right to let my lack of relaxation affect others around me. I spent a good three hours lounging around on Saturday, rather than diving straight into homework.  And I felt balanced, which I think is the point.

But my real fault, the one I struggle with, is thinking I can take on any challenge.  This Sunday, I agreed to do 1000 pushups throughout the day with my soccer team.  I made it through (sets of 50 for them/25 for me).  But I’m left wondering what the point was?  Just to prove that I could do something most other girls can’t?  I had been planning on training for a 50K race (about 30 miles) and then hopefully a 50 mile race.  My IT band injury has me reconsidering whether that’s a good idea for me.  And it’s a hard pill to swallow that a good idea for someone else may not be a good idea for me.

When I began PT, it became clear that I had bad balance. That standing on one leg on a Bosu Ball was impossible.  Fast forward three months and through lots of practice sessions and diligence, I can now stand on one leg on a Bosu Ball…on tiptoe…and have someone play catch with me.  All it took was 5-10 minutes a day of practice, training my body to adjust, my knee to not wobble, my legs to concentrate on hip and glute strength instead of forward motion.

Balance can be achieved.  Whether it’s learning how to balance your kids’ needs and your spouse’s needs and your needs.  Or learning how to balance work and home life.  Or school and more pleasurable activities. But rest and relaxation are essential, To Do lists don’t always bring good pressure, and it’s okay to not do everything in a day that you think you’re capable of doing.

Especially 1000 pushups.  Unless you like being unable to lift your own water bottle the following morning.



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