Graduation Day

18 May

It finally came.

I remember the day I got accepted to Boston University for my MBA. I went to the local liquor store and bought a Special Limited Edition bottle of Boston Absolut Vodka. And then I said to myself “I will drink this bottle (well, not all of it by myself) when I graduate.”  It seemed a long way off.

That bottle traveled to three different apartments in Fenway with me. It sat in my wine rack above my fridge during both of my sisters’ weddings, during my first Red Sox-Yankees game and my first Eagles-Patriots game. It survived three years of midterms and final exams, three years of Human Resources drama and a number of bike accidents.  I got injured (three months of IT band rehab) after a marathon, an ultra marathon and a slew of half marathons and shorter races.  But the bottle remained intact.

I traveled to San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia (7 or 8 times), Washington, D.C. (twice), Baltimore (twice),  New Haven (3 times), Pittsburgh (twice), Bemidji, Lancaster County (twice) and Mexico (twice). I’ve probably left some out. I ran and biked and swum and faithfully went to the SMG building for classes at least twice a week.  I ate a lot of peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the classroom.  I chewed a lot of my classmate’s gum. I sat in a lot of team rooms with pretty great people.  There may have even been some beer and talk about Four Loko in one of the team rooms.

Thirsty Thursdays. Way too many BU emergency alerts.  Buying books.  Photocopying. Summers in classrooms where the air conditioning wasn’t working. Good professors. Tough professors. Odd professors.

The death of two good friends.  Viewing one suicide on the Mass Ave bridge. Two breakups. Daily work drama. Two grades I wasn’t particularly proud of. One grandma moved to NH. One grandma moved to Pennsylvania. Lots of weddings and babies born and birthdays celebrated.

And it’s almost all over.

Today, I walk.  Monday, I start my final class.  July 11th, I walk out of an MBA classroom for the final time.

July 11th I have a lot of vodka to drink.  Anyone want to help me?


One Response to “Graduation Day”

  1. Meg May 19, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    Hooray for Liz!! I confess that I like my vodka with lots of fruity nonsense in it, not straight up while wearing a fur coat and going on about how it used to be back in the gulag.

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