The Gym Pick Up Line

14 May

My friend got such a laugh out of this anecdote (maybe because I’m just so pathetically oblivious) that I figured I would share it…

Friday night at the gym, I spot a guy wearing a Cliff Lee Phillies shirt. It makes me smile.  Later, when I’m headed to the locker room, he walks right past me.

Me: I like your shirt!
Him: Oh? Are you from Philly.
Me: Nope. Just a Phillies fan. Your shirt matches my watch.
Him: It’s just too bad they aren’t playing like they did last year…
Me: Yup, R2C2 needs to up their game…

(Then I disappeared into the locker room.)

Today, I spot him in the gym. Not wearing the Phillies shirt.  I walk past him twice (I have nothing to say) before he stops me.

Him: That was kinda weird, wasn’t it?
Me: What was weird (racking my brain for some oddity of the recent Phillies games)?
Him: You didn’t give me your number or ask me out on Friday.
Me: Wait…what?   (long pause)  Seriously?
Him: Seriously what?
Me: People say things like “nice shirt” and then ask each other out? Because they are fans of the same team?
Him: I think so….you were really just commenting on my shirt?
Me: Yes.
Him: Oh.
Me: But, if you’re free on Wednesday at noon, I could really use a spotter for the bench press…
Him: And when you say a spotter, you mean you just want a spotter?
Me: Yes.
Him: This is refreshing. But strange. You liked my shirt. You need a spotter. That’s all?
Me: Um, yeah…

Now I’m scared of complimenting people on routing for the right teams. And completely puzzled that people try to pick each other up at the gym….



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