Run for Regularity, Routine and Ritual

12 May

These are three of the main reasons I run.

Regularity.  Routine.  Ritual.

It is part of what I do. Part of who I am.

As much as I enjoy the process of running, I also enjoy the process of preparing for a run. Waking up early on Saturday mornings, eating enough the night before, planning my route, laying out my gear, getting my head in the game, praying for the perfect running weather (I had it yesterday).

Some people run because they like to race.

And some of us only race because we love to run.

And we grow frustrated when the routine is disrupted because of injury. The regularity provides rhythm to our days. And we are comfortable in our pre and post run rituals – the hydrating, stretching, showering, icing, foam rolling, eating.

But learning to let go of the regularity, the routine, the ritual is also important. Learning to still be yourself and be content, even on the weekends and days and months when you can’t run. When your body has had too much.  When your mind is not prepared. When other more important things take precedence.

I love to run. But I don’t live to run. And knowing that distinction makes all the difference.


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