Into the Thick of IT

9 May

Nothing like diving head first into a new project while you’re still recovering from being sick. As my doctor put it, “an ear infection, strep throat, or pneumonia on their own would be enough of an excuse to check out from life for a while.  But all three…I don’t envy you.”

IT – Information Technology

I’m pretty fearful of this new job assignment.  Leaving my comfort zone – the windowed corner office, the great boss, the daily swing from mundane tasks to creative hilarity, the knowledge that I know my job inside and out – is not easy.  Sharing a windowless office with two other people, on a different floor (in very close proximity to someone I’ve spent a few years trying to steer clear of), semi-reporting to someone I don’t particularly see eye-to-eye with, doing the tasks I hate the most: testing, designing, configuring.

It could be a great experience.  It could be a pretty awful year. There is a very selfish part of me that feels I am “owed” an easy year after the past three of craziness + MBA.

I know this an opportunity to work on my attitude but today’s first thought upon waking up was “I don’t want to do this anymore.”  Probably not the greatest attitude to have on Day 3…when I have 332 of them more to come.

IT – IT Band Injury

I’m still on the path to recovery.  I now can run 20-30 miles a week without an issue although there is plenty of ongoing maintenance to be down in the three major areas:

  • Balance (latest accomplishment: balancing on one leg on a Bosu Ball for 3:01 while throwing a ball back and forth to someone else)
  • Hip & Glute Strengthening (daily, didn’t realize how much I was improving until I saw someone else starting out…)
  • Foam Rolling & Stretching (could be better at devoting more time to this)

My latest PT appointment went very well.  Meeting with her only once every other week should make me happy but I think I’ve gotten into that place where I view it as a comfort and security blanket.  I like having someone else assure me that I’m doing well and my IT band is not tight.  I even like the painful digging out of the IT band because it helps me feel that we’re “staying ahead” of any future injuries.  Phasing out PT is scary.

Even harder, one of my good friends is developing the same injury.  This frustrates me because he’s been the one working at keeping me injury free.  The good news is that he now has a friend who has been there.  I am a wealth of wisdom about IT band injuries and recovery and what exercises to do and how to care for yourself physically and mentally during a long term injury recovery. The bad news is that every time I speak to him, I end up thinking “I needed someone just like me for the past 4-5 months!” I’m actually jealous of myself as a comforter/encourager/knowledge of IT band injuries.


Because we can only play one role at a time.  

When I am the one frustrated by my injury, I cannot also logically and calmly comfort myself by speaking truth about IT band recovery.  I can only play one role at a time.

It’s the same issue at work. I can only play one role at a time.  I have to give up the role that I enjoyed (although it was stressful) to delve into something new.  I owe my new “Best Friend” (the guy paired with me as my Technical Lead for the next year) optimism about this project. But I have to let go of the things I enjoyed about my old position.  And I have to help 1500 employees let go of emailing/calling/dropping in constantly for advice and aid.  I can only play one role at a time.



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