Proof that I’m a Zelie

12 Feb

Other appropriate titles: Proof that I’m not adopted.  Proof that I’m my mother’s daughter.  Proof that I may be a tad OCD. Proof that it takes a whole lot of different personalities to make a fun village.

Today I set aside an hour to clean my apartment.  It’s not that large and I’m that person who cleans as I go (I’m a Zelie) so it didn’t take long to sweep all the hardwood floors, dust, clean the kitchen and the bathroom.  But I was listening to a 60 minute podcast on ultra running and thoroughly enjoying it. I was in the cleaning zone (I’m a Zelie) so I needed to continue.  I couldn’t do the things others might do: clean the microwave, clean the stovetop, go through the mail, toss expired coupons, because I do them on an ongoing basis.  Instead, I tackled my medicine cabinet.  Everything got removed and the cabinet got cleaned. Then I consolidated, tossed, and restocked based on type of product.  The finished result is a much cleaner cabinet where I can easily view everything I have.  This, for a Zelie, is about as good as it gets.

Then, post-podcast and taco soup (I’m a Zelie so I had to make it), I realized I had a great idea for a reflection paper due on Feb 28th.  Within 5 minutes, I had it all outlined in my head.  And, seizing the opportunity, I sat down and wrote the paper.  Then I edited it.  Then I smiled because it is finished.  Even though it is not due for 16 days and most people would think I am crazy.  I am not. I am just organized.  And a little OCD.  And fully aware that if you’re in the zone – to clean, to exercise, to write a paper – and you have the time available to do so – you should jump to it before motivation fizzles out.

Bringing out the trash, I ran into my neighbor.  “How is your Sunday going?” he asked.  “Well, it was bad.  My attempt to run at the gym was really discouraging but my to do list for the weekend is accomplished, I had a great conversation with a friend, planned a meeting I am leading in two weeks, cleaned the apartment, cooked for the upcoming week and wrote a paper not due for two weeks.”  “What?” he said. “Maybe you will die in the next two weeks and have wasted time writing a paper that no one will ever read. Did you think about that?”

I did not. I am a Zelie.  My to-do list being completed AND getting a jump start on future tasks made me happy.  So happy that I immediately considered texting my sisters and my Mom and calling my brother because they would know exactly how I felt.  That warm glow when everything is clean, all the tasks are accomplished,  and I can go out for a drink or curl up with a book or experiment with my waffle-maker.  I’m sure other people know what I’m talking about.  There may be more Zelies in the world than the census suggests.




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