My Work Trips Always Involve Alligators

2 Dec

It’s true.  I am an alligator magnet, what can I say.

My first work trip sent me to San Francisco where I got to finally meet an Albino Alligator.  Very rare, very cool, and a special favorite of mine. I think his name was Claude.

My second work trip sent me to Miami where I got to meet a few more Albino Alligators.  Some were true albino alligators, others were white alligators (but without the pink eyes that show it is an albino).

This work trip involved eating alligator.  It looked like popcorn chicken.  Honestly, it tasted like popcorn chicken. If I hadn’t known it was alligator tail, I would never have guessed it.  There was a slightly more “substantial” taste to it than chicken. (Half of you just gagged, the other half of you nodded in a knowing manner).

Then, early this morning, at 4:30 AM, while out running around the University of South Florida, I saw an alligator in the distance!

Too bad it turned out to be an inflated alligator someone had put in the bushes (as a practical joke?) because this would have been a much more interesting post had I been mauled by a Gator.  Sadly, I am perfectly healthy (well, actually I’m sick but alligator-bite-free).

But wouldn’t it have been hilariously ironic if I ate Cousin Albert Alligator or maybe Uncle Vinny Alligator yesterday and then one of their relatives ate me today?

Yup, I thought so.


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