My (Abbreviated) Thanksgiving List (in no particular order)

24 Nov
  1. Debs’ and Alex’s wedding
  2. The Elephant Walk birthday dinner – incredible food!
  3. Silly fun practicing the Black and White Michael Jackson dance
  4. Josh Leone’s new job at Bauer
  5. Alex running a 5k with me last Thanksgiving (and coming in 4th and 5th)
  6. Great apartments for me and all my siblings
  7. Christmas visit to the Eichorsts/December visit to Hershey park (we didn’t freeze!)
  8. Home safely from PA after a 15 hour trip due to a horrific snowstorm (12/20/10)
  9. New Years Eve hilarity with J & J
  10. Breakfast dates with JH
  11. Taking Debs to a Bruins Playoffs Game
  12. Bruins won the Stanley Cup
  13. Fun MBA classes (Negotiations & Leadership)
  14. Matt getting accepted to Yale Divinity School
  15. Healthy pregnancies for various friends (NJ, DB, etc.)
  16. The blessing of 68 days with Amber Loveland
  17. Valentines Day – watching the Celtics practice with my brother-in-law
  18. Birthday trip to Pittsburgh to visit my best friend
  19. I no longer have nightmares about “Baby Secret”
  20. Birthday gym date/dinner with my Boston girls
  21. Meeting the Flyboys
  22. Ability to host pumpkin and Wii parties in my apartment
  23. Isabelle making all my Tuesday nights fun
  24. Carrot cake and ginger smoothies
  25. Overwhelming number of amazing friends
  26. My boss
  27. Free races for working for Marathon Sports
  28. Running Ras Ne Heirann with Allison
  29. Ladies Wii Dance party
  30. Team Turbocam Relay race – best teammates ever
  31. Surviving the horrible hill in the rain in the New England relay
  32. Not getting more lost in the NE Relay!
  33. J’s family loving my experimental muffins
  34. Weekend in Philly with the world’s cutest kid
  35. My lovely Flyers track jacket (thanks, CG!)
  36. Brunch and spring walk with TP, my former babysitter turned friend
  37. Encouraging emails from HP, SM, ME and ME (these ladies are awesome!)
  38. Red Sox games with Z and B
  39. My hilarious “work brothers”
  40. Boston Marathon Expo with Kara
  41. Iron & Wine concert (perfect view) with my brother
  42. My bikes being maintenance free all year
  43. Tuition reimbursement
  44. Back pain from this summer is gone
  45. No PT appts all year long (although I probably needed some…)
  46. Healthy eating – 6 months free from under-eating
  47. Em visiting for Thai food
  48. Trip to Cancun with JD
  49. Meeting other Red Sox & Phillies fans in Cancun
  50. Banoffee ice cream in Cancun (yum!)
  51. Dad turned 60 and we were able to party
  52. ME’s help purchasing my Mac and getting me set up
  53. Finding The Ring and falling in love with boxing
  54. Surviving the humid Boston Run to Remember (thanks to my pace, AG)
  55. Cheap massage appts due to medical insurance
  56. Customer Service nomination, my boss winning
  57. My boss winning a National Benefit Award
  58. Blog posts being highlighted on some sports blogs
  59. Perfect weather for Deb’s bridal shower
  60. Being able to host the shower in the Truman’s amazing backyard
  61. Joe and Alex’s combined Wii dance moves (hilarity)
  62. J’s new job at Park Street
  63. Grandma’s new apartment in PA (and finally visiting it)
  64. My cousin’s new baby M
  65. My other cousin’s adoption paperwork being approved
  66. Fun mountain bike ride with Dad and NG while camping (and the entertainment along the way – pretty sure we witnessed a man desert his wife and very annoying daughters)
  67. Seeing Manchester United play live
  68. Fun summer visit with Maresy and Josh
  69. Trip to Philly with Z and B
  70. Surviving Phillies game in 104 degree heat
  71. Discovering Philly’s speakeasy
  72. Red Sox game with Mom, Dad, Tina – and the multiple homers that ensued
  73. Wii and Beer Fries night
  74. Red Sox vs. Yankees with Tina
  75. Seeing the Red Sox beat the Yankees
  76. Winning a Red Sox t-shirt
  77. Being asked to write for some sports blogs
  78. Marathon long training runs with B – the best running companion ever
  79. Chilling in the Wicked Wolf with Matt and friends at Yale (apricot beer)
  80. Weekend of fun with the Flyboys
  81. Being able to host CG at my apartment
  82. Trip to Baltimore
  83. Having fun/surviving my first ultra marathon relay race
  84. Winning a trophy in the Ragnar Relay ultra category
  85. Rain letting up for the Smuttynose half marathon
  86. Seeing B and Z run their first half marathon
  87. The announcer calling my name as I passed the finish line
  88. Haunted gingerbread house decorating
  89. Surviving a 21 miler in 80-degree weather in October
  90. My church family and CG members
  91. Surviving the Tufts 10K in 88 degree heat in October
  92. Pumpkin beer night
  93. Cranberry bog ride in Plymouth with Adam – best bike ride of my life
  94. Swimming in Walden Pond this summer
  95. Spooky World with Isabelle
  96. ME and JC coaching me thru my Radiohead paper
  97. Efficient apartment maintenance workers
  98. Haunted walk in NH in a snowstorm
  99. Got the spring classes I needed to graduate in May with my MBA
  100. Finishing the marathon despite being sick and injured
  101. Philly’s bridges and boat houses (kept me running, best views)
  102. Pumpkin tasting at Yale with Matt and friends
  103. Special day with Bailey – chilling in Boston
  104. Everyone being home together this Thanksgiving
  105. Never, ever, ever, having to play Mystery Date again!

2 Responses to “My (Abbreviated) Thanksgiving List (in no particular order)”

  1. toosoxy November 24, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    ginger smoothies! that’s now on my smoothie bucket list.

  2. jess November 28, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    I’m glad the Baby Secret nightmares are over! Thanks to the changing heat and cold in the house her face is no longer smashed in. Don’t suppose that would have helped with the nightmares…

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