A Photo Essay on Sibling Imitation

4 Nov

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

If so, these recently unearthed photos prove that I deserve a trophy in Imitation 101. Apparently, I wanted to be just like my brother…

Exhibit A – Still an individual.  Sort of.  I appear to be wearing the same color as my Dad and trying to shove my smiling brother out of the way.

Exhibit B – Beginning to lose all sense of self.  Literally, “along for the ride” in my footie pajamas.

Exhibit C – You’re going to sit on Grandma’s stairs in your overalls?  I will too!

Exhibit D – You’re going to pick flowers for Mom?  I will too!  (Sensing a theme?)

Exhibit E – True adoration! I let a boy lie on my blankie.  In return, I copied him exactly.  Please note the feet in the air and the right hand casually resting on our chins.  Little Liz apparently has no unique body language…

Exhibit F – A true fashionista, my brother decides that underwear and cowboy boots are the way to go in the summer heat. Minus the cowboy boots (I wasn’t big on dressing up), I decided to follow his lead.  Always.  Please note that little sister does her own thing.

Exhibit G – The cycle perpetuates.  Brother decides to roll his eyes toward the ceiling in an attempt to look silly.  Little Liz and Little Sister follow suit. The sibling imitation has passed to another member…In fact, Little Sister seems to have it at least as bad as I did.  See how her little hands grip the table just like his?  And her little mouth is open just like mine?

Sibling love at its finest.


One Response to “A Photo Essay on Sibling Imitation”

  1. Matthew November 4, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    How do you know I’m not just following YOUR orders, Liz?

    -The Brother in Question

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