Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself…

24 Oct

When our babysitter made a brownie that couldn’t be cut with a saw.  It had to be thrown away, pan and all.  “You probably left out some integral ingredients.  Follow the recipe.  Until you learn the baking soda/baking powder/flour combinations required to turn out edible goods instead of bricks, follow the directions!”  Well, that’s what I would have told her.  I would have told myself “Some day you will love to bake. You will find it therapeutic.  All of those Chem labs you hated will finally make sense in the kitchen.  Experimentation is your friend.”

When we lost in the volleyball championships. And by lost, I mean epic defeat.  I’m not sure any other high school volleyball team has lost that badly or ever will again.  It was like the Red Sox’s September Slump, all in one day.  I wish I could tell myself “one day, you will win a trophy.  By the time you win that trophy, it will be a little bit ridiculous.  You’ll know longer even want a trophy. You’ll think about how much dust will gather on it.  But it will make up for all the soccer and volleyball losses.  Because it will be an ultra trophy.”

When I failed my driver’s test, but the instructor decided to not count it as my driving test so I could retest and not have to go to the state instructors.  A rolling stop, even if you are going zero miles per hour and your foot is on the brake, is not technically a stop until the car slightly rolls backwards.  You can and should be able to feel it as the driver.

When I split my chin open biking too fast down a hill.  Sadly, this will not be your last bike accident.  There will be more.  More blood.  In fact, even more chin-splittings. And you will fall madly in love with biking too fast down hills. At the same time you grow madly aware of how dangerous it is to bike too fast down hills.

When I ran around the Rochester Commons hating the Presidential Challenge mile run.  Someday, you will love to run.  You will crave running.  You will find friendships and peace in running.  And there will be no Presidential Fitness Challenge paces you have to attain.  You can run just for the fun of it, for the outdoor-nature-fresh-air of it, for the laughter and discussion that happens with friends during it.

Don’t eat that sugary (whatever).  You’ll get a headache and then want more.  

Sleep.  Whenever you feel crabby and irritable and like life is impossible, go to sleep.  Either that, or you’ve got low blood sugar.  So, take a nap with a granola bar nearby.

Friends enrich life.  And friends with different passions and interests and personalities only make it that much deeper and richer.  Embrace the differences.

Never pass up an opportunity to ride a mechanical bull.

That’s what I would tell myself.




2 Responses to “Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself…”

  1. Meg October 25, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    I have all sorts of theories on how to ride a mechanical bull. I mean, have you ever seen one?! They don’t look like they are going fast AT ALL. The one time I was in the same place with one, there was such a line to try it that our group got bored and left. Also, the atmosphere was a bit of a “get drunk and ride the bull” thing, and I was seeing it as a “stone cold sober, conquer the bull” so clearly I wouldn’t have been any fun for spectators. And I wasn’t about to wear the hat they make you wear. But I wonder if you started with trampolines, then did a tea cup ride or two, would that give you a comptetitve edge?! I’m glad you raise these deep questions on your blog.

    • ezelie October 25, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

      What? There are hats to wear when riding mechanical bulls? When I rode one, in a sober town in Pennsylvania, there were no hats/helmets. Maybe only intoxicated people need the protection?

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