When Lindt, the Flyers, and the Rangers Converged…

20 Oct

September 4th was a day of firsts.  It was my first time sitting in the Monster Seats at Fenway Park.  It was my first time sitting in the premium box seats.  It was my first time visiting the media room. In fact, it was the first and most likely last time that I will have the run of the park and multiple tickets for multiple seats.

And the Rangers beat the Sox.  Hard. It was the beginning of what turned into a September Slump.

My friend, a player for the Flyers, asked me to write on a slip of paper who I thought was going to the World Series.  I’d like to say I wrote the Phillies and the Red Sox.  But I didn’t.

Maybe it was because I didn’t want to jinx my Red Sox. (Ha!)
Maybe it was because C.J. Wilson is just too attractive.  And an amazing pitcher.  (Reverse those statements in importance.)
Maybe it was because until 2010 they were the only major league franchise never to win a postseason series.
Maybe it was because much as I love my teams, I understand the rest of America’s frustration with the Big 3 East (New York, Boston, Philadelphia) and the Big 3 West (Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco).
Maybe it’s because they deserved something good after losing Cliff Lee as a pitcher.

It was probably a combination.  But the Rangers are in the World Series and my pocket prediction was correct.  And this evening, after one of the worst days I’ve lived through, I came home to a huge box sitting on my doorstep.  Chockfull of Lindt truffles.

I don’t like chocolate.  But today, I needed it. I needed the memories of basking in that warm September sun on the Green Monster after an intense bike ride.  I needed to know that I did something silly like predict a World Series contender correctly.  And I needed to know that someone somewhere was thinking of me.  And then I needed sympathy chocolate when the Flyers lost.

Today, I needed a good surprise.
And I got one.




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