The Girl with the Nail in Her Shoe

19 Oct

There once was a little girl who played so intensely that she often ended up with a nail in her shoe. She got a tetanus shot and she often got new shoes (maybe leading to her younger sister’s love of shoes since this little girl never had hand me downs!) But somehow glass shards and nails were attracted to her.

If I am the family freak magnet, she is the family shoe-destroyer.

No, she did not have a dragon tattoo.

And no, this is not a poem or movie by Tim
Burton. But I’d be happy to sell him the rights.

This little girl also had a big heart. She cried when others got in trouble, she was willing to help others (especially those younger and smaller than her). But in case you think her compassionate nature made her a servant-hearted pushover, she was also the most aggressive player on her all-male-but-her soccer team.

This little girl also adored traditions. Odd ones. Like “you must eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate during the first snowfall.” And she loved when the clock said 11:11 or 3:33. It was her special time – all the numbers were the same.

For her sister’s birthday on 03.03.03, this litItle girl made a birthday web for her sister. Streamers floor to ceiling. Getting to the dinner table and into bed involved a lot of maneuvering.

It was an adventure. When I think of this little girl, who is no longer little, the word adventure always comes to mind. Hiking and yard-saling and canoeing and skiing – this girl loves adventure. And I love her.

Happy Birthday nail-in-shoe servant-hearted aggressive-sports playing popcorn-during-first-snowstorm adventure-loving girl! I love being your older sister.


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