Confession of an OCG (Obsessive Compulsive Grammarian)

2 Oct
A few days ago, my old email account, which I no longer know how to access, started sending spam emails to my address book.  You know the type.  The email said “Hey, _____, I cant believe this” followed by a sketchy link.

This was also the same days as the Sox September implosion which led to losing the Wild Card slot.  A very clever friend put two and two together and got…intervention!

My embarrassment at being implicated in spam turned to hilarity (for a few seconds at least) when I received this reprimand:

Dear Elizabeth,

I am staging an intervention.  I know that you have had a lot of victories lately in school and that your latest race was a tour de force.  I am proud that you are keeping your head up about certain personal matters and excited that you continue to write great blog essays and go on fun adventures.  However, as a friend who loves you I cannot keep silent.

Despite the confident exterior you are showing these days, I know you are secretly and deeply crushed on a televised sports level.  Come clean.  The truth is plain as day:  only a deeply devastated Liz would DROP AN APOSTROPHE in an email.  Oh Liz.    Have your dreams been so shattered that you resort to spelling mistakes in order to get attention?  I am of course, referring to the disturbing email I just received, and I quote, “ hey XXX I cant believe this”

Please do not succumb to such dark ways in your time of deep personal need.  Your friends are here, we love and support you.  We will do whatever it takes to get you back on the straight and narrow.

Love and affection,


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