I Love Biking Because..It Is Not Running.

20 Sep

A friend recently said “I love biking because it is not running.”  
Can you really love something because it is not something else?

There are many reasons I love biking.  And many of them can be turned into running-negatives.

When I bike, I can eat what I want before I bike.  Beer makes you faster.  And I can eat what I want (within reason) during a ride. (Massive amounts of ice cream mid-ride can make you a little nauseous.)  In fact, I can eat while on my bike riding!  For a runner, this is a novel experience.

When I run, I can’t eat during the run.  I am not hungry for a few hours afterwards.  And I certainly can’t eat what I want before I run. I can eat very select foods and not within an hour of running.  (Although I am beginning to develop a more cast-iron-running stomach.  Apparently this happens over time.)

When I bike, I can wear what I want.  I typically choose to wear bike gear but I don’t have the same issues of no cotton, nothing that would chaff, nothing that will leave me overheated, that I do when I run.

The truth is, I also love running because it is not biking.

I don’t need special gear and I don’t have to pump up any tires or, worse, worry about flat tires when I’m alone on a long stretch of road.  I don’t have chains that come loose.

Obstacles are easy to avoid when running.  You don’t normally have car doors in your face, you don’t get squished between buses, drunk drivers don’t try to mow you down.

You also stay relatively warm.  After a few miles, it feels 15-20 degrees warmer.  Nice and toasty.  You can enjoy the pedestrians you pass (even smile) without wondering when one of them will step into your path or cause some sort of obstacle that will end with road rash.

Road rash.  It so rarely happens to runners.

I love biking because it is not running. And I love running because it is not biking.  And I’m continually juggle my love for one when doing the other.





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