A Blend of Bad and Good

29 Aug

My day was bad.  Really bad.

The kind of day where you unlock the bike cage at work for three people and not a single one smiles or says thank you or even nods.

The kind of day where you’re feeling so belittled by everyone that when a friend makes a teasing remark, you take it the wrong way and get snippy.

The kind of day where someone insults your intelligence (because you don’t have a Doctorate from MIT) and because you had the audacity to tell him you’d handle his request by the end of the day but not this very instant because you have other obligations.

The kind of day where you didn’t sleep well the night before and your head hurts and your nose is stuffed and the inbox (both physical and email) are out of control and everyone wants a piece of you right now and God forbid you try to eat lunch or go to the bathroom.

And my day was good.  Pretty good.

I got to run a gorgeous 6 miles with Betsy and we had a great talk.  It was hard to go back into work afterwards. Had I not been parched, I might not have.

My coworker happened to be in the bike cage with a bunch of tools and when I asked him if some day he could maybe raise my commuter bike seat a little, he did it right then.  10 seconds later, a problem that had nagged me for a year was solved.

The evening consisted of errands: sell my old laptop, take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, fold the laundry, walk to the library to exchange my books.  But it still managed to feel relaxing.  There was a hint of fall in the air.  That always helps.

And when walking home, there were two guys attacking each other in the middle of the Boylston St crosswalk directly in front of the Apple store.  Blood gushing from noses, a lot of obscenties, a pretty horrific fight.  I realize this is a bad thing.  But the good thing was that a guy next to me instantly called the police.  And another good thing was that the fight didn’t happen as I was on the crosswalk.  I was able to adjust my walking route and avoid any danger.  Have I mentioned that I’m a magnet for crazies?

But not today. Weary, worn out from the bad, happy, comforted by the good people I know, and crazy-free.
Not a bad day after all.


One Response to “A Blend of Bad and Good”

  1. meg August 31, 2011 at 7:18 pm #

    and you are loved liz…and yes, you do seem to attract the crazies!!!!!!

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