The Things We Can’t Know

31 May

Life is funny.  It moves forward and sideways and doubles back on itself.  And the things that surprise us, on deeper reflection, aren’t all that surprising.

And only when we stop to reflect do we realize how many subtle ironies and twists and key themes we have missed on the way.

When I was 7 years old, caught reading Solzehnitsyn, I never imagined I’d minor in the Russian language. 

When I requested Red Sox tickets for my college graduation, who knew that I would end up living a block away from Fenway Park?

Who knew that the child my parents named Grace would be exceptionally graceful? (Not me)

Or that the girl who dreaded running a mile for the Presidential Challenge in middle school would end up finding herself in ultramarathons.

That the sister who spent her childhood playing the role of groom would be the first family bride.

That the shy girl huddled behind her Dad’s legs in public settings would thrive on presentations and public speaking.

That the pastor will have more time to be pastoral after the job description changes.

That the woman who didn’t want kids will have 4 and spend many years teaching dozens more.

That the boy who struggled to learn to read became an English teacher, got his Masters, is heading to an Ivy League school.

Everyone has their own list of surprises that, upon reflection, should not have been surprises. Because they just make sense.  They fit. And yet they still feel like minor miracles, delicious delights, interesting ironies. 

Life is funny. 
And I like it.


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