Delegating Tasks, Investing in People

25 May


Delegation is task-oriented.  It’s about me passing on duties to someone else in order to free myself up to handle other harder tasks. The irony in delegation is that often it takes longer to delegate than it does to handle something yourself.
Where is the efficiency and time-saving in that?

My rule of thumb is to delegate operational activities, not projects.  Anything that happens on a recurring basis involving the same steps is worth the time investment in training.  Monthly reporting, daily processing, setting the table, loading the dishwasher – all worth delegating. 

Delegating allows you to refine and simplify the process, explain it to someone else, monitor that it is handled correctly, and then (finally) let go and move on.


Investment should be people-oriented.  It’s about me passing on knowledge and insight to someone else in order to help them grow.  Investing in others is like mentoring – whether that takes on a coach to athlete, teacher to student, or peer to peer approach.  The irony in investment is that it appears to be a completely self-less task (you appear to gain nothing) when in fact, you gain everything.

Investment can strengthen a friendship.  It can solidify your communication skills.  If you can verbalize your past challenges and accomplishments, your goals and how you attained them, your strengths and weaknesses, then you prove you have learned from the past.  If you can ask the right questions, even if they are tough questions, you prove that you can help someone prepare for the future.

Delegate tasks.  Invest in people.  Time is our most precious commodity and how we use it defines who we are.


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