Spreading Good Gossip

5 May

Yesterday, I was standing in a line at work, thinking about lots of things: my friend whose father recently died, my first crush who just died of brain cancer, a friend dreading a final exam tonight, my personal journey in learning to eat properly after accidentally starving myself for years.

I found myself eavesdropping on a conversation behind me.
“Who do you think is the most entertaining person in the lab?”
“Oh! It’s Liz, that girl who sends those hysterical emails. I read every single one multiple times. It makes my days so much more fun!”

It’s not often you hear “good gossip” about yourself. Okay, maybe it happens often for you.  Not for me. I feel like I hear a lot of negative – maybe not directly about me, but about my department. There are certain people who just don’t “get me” and I often feel I’m being unfairly judged by them.

Gossip eats away at our self-confidence, at our faith in our team, at our trust in our company. It can destroy families and marriages and churches and corporations. Talking negatively about someone who is not there to defend themselves or listen constructively, is at best, a waste of time.  At worst, it paints your character in a bad light.

Gossip says much more about you than the person you are gossiping about.  Is it our competitive, jealous, insecure natures that find it deliciously fun to attack other people?

Have you tried spreading good gossip? The kind that uplifts and lasts and encourages? What kind of companies would we find ourselves in, what kind of profits, what kind of harmonious environments, were we to all spend time sharing good truth about each other. Spread good gossip, and you might find that people begin spreading it about you.


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