One of Those Days…

4 May

It’s one of those days…

  • Where the weather matches my mood.
  • Where every meeting (4 so far) involve even more “special projects” that  I have to head up with time and energy and resources that I don’t have.
  • Where my stomach never feels full
  • Where Animal (from the Muppets) is playing drums inside my head
  • Where the employees are stressed and need comfort and I feel empty
  • Where the pollen count increases causing the number of tissues in my office to decrease
  • Where my matter-of-fact emails are being read as defensive by emotionally-over-astute engineers (who knew they existed?) causing me to have to defend my previously-non-defensive emails
  • Where needing a hug from someone doesn’t mean I get one
  • Where needing to talk with someone on the phone doesn’t mean he’s available
  • Where I’m too exhausted to contemplate exercising let alone getting myself home or to the Bruins game
  • Where I feel like a crappy friend and an insecure female but don’t have the wherewithall to change that
  • Where 9 1/2 hours of work feels like far too much
  • Where 9 1/2 hours of work feels like far too little to get my tasks done
  • Where I can’t handle the Flyers losing another game but I have no control over it
  • Where I need some encouragement but I’m not actually sure it will penetrate
  • Where I wish people were less opinionated and less concerned with proving their point
  • Where life feels grossly unfair
  • Where writing this post will lead to me regretting writing this post
  • Where the mere mention of a clown brings tears to my eyes. Oh wait. That’s every day.

Here’s hoping the rest of you are having a great day and it’s just my yearly turn to carry the exhaustion/stress/overwhelming load for us all.  Who wants a turn tomorrow?


One Response to “One of Those Days…”

  1. sharon May 4, 2011 at 9:49 pm #

    I’m so glad you are able to put into words all the craziness and emotion. I care about you, Liz….just sayin. 🙂 His mercies are new every morning… tomorrow’s a new day, and a lot of this stuff may still be there, but you may have a different perspective on it all. Or maybe one little thing will change in a positive direction. Or you may have the strength tomorrow to handle what you had a tough time with today. Keep communicating. I’ll keep praying for a breakthrough from this “FUNK.” xo Sharon

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