Bogged Down in Jellybeans

26 Apr

Tomorrow is National Jelly Bean Day.  Tomorrow my engineers will guess the number of jelly beans in this jar.  They will bring their mathematical equations and Excel formulas and slide rules and would probably weigh the jar if I let them.

For them, that will be fun.

For others, that would be ruining the fun.

Don’t get bogged down by facts.  If it came down to choosing whether you could live life or write about it, always choosing living it (unless writing about it is your livelihood). 

Don’t let this social media cloud we live in and the ever-increasing technological messaging keep you from enjoying life. Don’t let baseball stats keep you from enjoying the baseball experience.  Don’t let a Facebook image of someone else’s vacation be the only time you see the sun and sky today.

Be accurate. Be knowledgeable. Get things done. But also find enjoyment in the process.

There have been many jelly bean contests in my past.  But the one that sticks out is when my Dad asked my 2 year old sister “How many jelly beans are in that jar?” and she looked at him quizzically and said “Well, ALL of them, Daddy!”  (Had she been older, there would have been a “Duh” at the end of her statement.)  She ended up winning. 

They are ALL there.  The jellybeans. The projects. The to do lists. The dreams. The plans. They aren’t going anywhere.  You can count them.  You can hoard them. You can give them away.

Just choose a method that brings you enjoyment and doesn’t take away from someone else’s enjoyment.   And get busy counting!


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