Setting The Table

20 Apr

Whether you are…

  • planning a birthday party
  • starting a new business venture
  • hosting a Social Media tech week
  • providing a new company benefit
  • preparing a corporate training plan
  • teaching an educational course

All you can do is set the table.  And hope people will come and sit down.

Sure, you invite them.  Sure, you sell yourself or your product or your idea. Sure, you make the table as inviting as you can. But you still have to wait for others to join you.

As highly advanced and technologically savvy as we become, we still depend on others.

We are still using technology to connect and engage with others.  Sure, maybe our phones and computers and tablets look different than they used to.  But technology is still an interface to help us connect and engage with other people and their information, ideas, and opinions.

Maybe someday we will set the table and robots will sit down. Or holograms. Or computer-generated interfaces.  But they will be merely placeholders for people. Technology is a tool but people are the purpose.


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