The Importance of “Sharpening the Saw”

12 Apr

Yesterday I was thinking about a Franklin Covey-ism called “sharpening the saw.”   A woodcutter will become less and less productive if he refuses to stop his work and take time to sharpen his saw.  He thinks he’s saving time by plugging away day after day, but he’s actually working slower because of his dull instrument.

We need to take time to evaluate our own tools and ensure that they aren’t dull.

Are you a busy Mom who is trying to accomplish a lengthy to do list during the hours your kids are asleep?  Lack of sleep is a dull instrument.

Are you an office drone working through your lunch hour to try and cram more work in/get caught up on email/get ahead?  Lack of a mental break is a dull instrument.

Are you a dieter looking ahead to summer clothing and thinking that if you skip this meal, you’ll be able to fit into your skinny shorts again?  Lack of proper nutrition is a dull instrument.

Are you afraid of embracing new technology and social media that could help you work more efficiently?  Are you pushing off training classes because of “lack of time” (even though they would help you with your current projects?)  Lack of growth and change is a dull instrument.

Are you spending too much time on the Internet?  Getting sucked into the gaming world when there are school papers to be written?  Lack of time management is a dull instrument.

Take time away from things that feel urgent in order to focus on things that will help in the long run. It’s the smart way forward.  It’s one of the simple secrets embedded in getting things done.



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