Life in the Fishbowl

2 Feb

Every so often I remember that being a Christian is a higher allegiance and a more challenging calling than any of our other earthly roles. A recent HR meeting left everyone moaning about how unfair it is that we “live in a fishbowl” and must have higher standards for ourselves because everyone looks up to us. One coworker said “it’s almost like they want us to fail so they’re keeping constant tabs on us.”

I came away from the meeting encouraged. Higher standards I can deal with because none of the “standards” we set in that meeting come close to rivaling the standards I have for myself and for my fellow Christians. Honesty? Being above board ethical? Treating others with respect? Listening? Letting our yes be “yes” and our no be “no”?  Pretty much standard stuff my parents have been teaching us for years.

And no need to give me a “Big Brother is watching you” earful. I’m pretty sure knowing that the maker of the Universe is intimately aware of what I say and how I conduct myself is enough to keep me motivated to do the right thing.

I’m here to say that the fishbowl isn’t so bad. Having nowhere to hide should lead to having nothing to hide.  Being at the forefront of my employees’ minds means I should become more and more aware of their customer service needs and better able to anticipate how I can serve them. And knowing that I am being watched isn’t just a reminder to decease and desist from anything unethical but an opportunity to do my best in front of a daily audience.


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